Software name : Account system
Software language : English
Software type: Account And Finance Management
Software Demand::Microsoft Windows 2000 or 2003 SERVER
            Microsoft SQL SERVER 2000 or 2005 or 2008  
【Product characteristic】
1. So long as the input subpoena, the system produces the related report form
2. According to you need, composition to belong your project.
3. Any time VNC system online instruction.
Voucher:write-off、create account、Closing temp accounts、Setup of budget、
      Fixed assets、Invoice.  
Note:Honor、Capital estimate by bank、Business unit、Length of B/R analysis.
Maintenance:Department Data、Setup the abstract、Customer and merchantdata、
        Project and department data、Bank data.  
List:Journal List、Cash transaction list、Trial balance、Fixed assets、B/S、Income
    statement、Income and cost、B/P & B/R and Receivable & payable、Project
    & department & customer & merchant data、Check bank statement.
Backup & returns saves & duplication、EXCEL data saves & exiting.
Sales Contact Information
TEL:(02)2778-1566 or MSN online FAX:(02)2740-7929